Dear Supporters greetings of peace and Assalamualaikum

Greetings to everyone,

I hope and pray you are in the best of health.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

One Nation has been blessed this past year in supporting and helping tens of thousands of people locally in the UK and Internationally around the world. With your continued support and donations we hope to continue in this noble cause providing food, clean water, medical aid, clothes and shelter to the most vulnerable.

Your generous donations have enabled us to reach vulnerable people who would have otherwise suffered in silence. Monthly food parcels projects in Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, Indonesia, Iraq, Bangladesh Rohingya, Burma where we delivered to those most in need in refugee camps and hard to reach areas.

We have sent over 150 containers of much needed aid to Syria. This project has seen inter-faith grassroots groups, unions and individuals join UK wide to send vital humanitarian aid.

We have delivered various projects in Gaza supplying hospitals with medical aid, delivering clean water in water tanks, sponsoring orphans and widows.

One Nation team visited Bangladesh to assist the Rohingya refugees who fled from Burma in 2017. Approximately 1,000,000 Rohingya refugees have now settled in camps in Bangladesh. We have constructed over 40 water pumps, toilets, washrooms and run hot food kitchens to help feed hundreds of families every week. We continue to assess the situation and are planning more visits in order to ensure that your donations are utilised appropriately.

We have stepped up our relief efforts in Africa working in Somalia, Malawi, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Tanzania and now Zambia. Earlier this year our team was in Mozambique providing emergency aid after cyclone Idai hit, devastating large parts of the country.

One Nation has started “Food for All” and Domestic Violence (DV) projects in the UK, providing food, clothing, toiletries and hot drinks, we donate grants to various local organisations who help the homeless and those in need in the UK. Our trustees and volunteers have taken part in serving food and giving warm clothing/blankets to the homeless in winter. Around 3.7 million children live in ‘absolute poverty’ in the UK. The implications of poverty are vast and as part of a community we feel that it is the collective responsibility on all of us to look after our neighbours in order to build a just, caring and loving society.

We endeavour to eliminate the complacent attitude towards domestic violence (DV) in communities by educating, creating awareness and campaigning against DV via seminars, community talks and workshops. Our final phase is to provide an aftercare package for the DV survivors and their children to include social and psychological support. Our philanthropic motivation and ambition for the outreach to victims of DV is rooted within our beliefs, however, we are accessible for all and there is no racial, religious or gender discrimination of DV victims.

Our fundraising events across the country have been a great success, well attended and received. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters, donors, well-wishers, our partners and volunteers for their commitment, dedication and hard work throughout this time.

We hope you will continue to support One Nation in helping to reach more vulnerable people who desperately need our support.

Take care and keep up the great work.

Your donation can help change thousands of lives for the better. Make a change today.

Future Plans

A bright future

One Nation are committed and more focused than ever on delivering humanitarian aid to the vulnerable and those most in need around the globe. Conditions are despairing and deteriorating in many countries. With winter around the corner the most vulnerable will need clean water, food, medical aid, warm clothing/blankets, heating and shelter to get through the inevitable harsh conditions. With your help and support our teams will be distributing these essential items to save lives.

Our focus is on long-term solutions. Developing strategies, education, empowering people through sustainable economic and social development projects which are critical in alleviating poverty and improving infrastructure.

Our mission is to be proactive and alert for events that occur around the globe. Our teams will monitor, assess and evaluate conditions on the ground before feeding information back to our management team, we will then plan and execute our emergency response to the situation.

In the UK, giving support to vulnerable people in local communities. Soup kitchens and warm clothing for the homeless, refugee and domestic violence support, emergency flood response in areas around the country. Our teams support will continue to be proactive and first on the scene to offer help.

We will continue in this noble cause with zeal and enthusiasm providing short and long-term solutions.