Make a Child In Syria Smile This Eid!

Eid is supposed to be a time of happiness, love and of course for children, lots of presents. In Syria, war has decimated all these concepts and mean that even basic necessities are a struggle. Many children’s parents cannot afford toys, whilst others sadly no longer even have any parents.

On the 10th April 2020 we will be loading a container of aid from Leicester to send to Syria. We need you to help us fill this container with toys and goodies for the children of Syria to enjoy this Eid. These children have suffered a misery no child should ever have to bear. We ask that you help us bring them a little hope, joy and hopefully a huge smile this Eid!

How you can help?

We have put together an Amazon wishlist with the the items needed for this container. You can choose from donating a bike, scooter, footballs or the other available items. Please spare what you can to give these children the smile they deserve this Eid.

Alternatively if you prefer not to purchase an entire item from the wishlist, you can donate towards a toy on our fundraising page.