Eid & Medical Container


Eid & Medical Container

VIP BOX, 195 Gwendolen Rd LE5 5FN

12 June 2020 - 12 June 2020

On the 12th of June 2020 we shall send a 40ft medical container from Leicester to Syria.

After 7 years of war more than 6 million people have been displaced internally, Syria is facing a health care catastrophe. UNHCR estimates 60 percent of the country’s hospitals have been damaged or destroyed and nearly half of its doctors have fled. The crisis has hit children especially hard, with thousands dead and many more suffering from serious injuries and diseases due to the lack of medical aid.

One Nation are assisting numerous clinics inside Syria who are treating the innocent caught up in this tragedy.

With your support we intend to send essential medical equipment that has been requested by our brother Dr Shajul in Syria

We shall also be sending Eid gifts to the children in the refugee camps at £10 each.

Please donate and support with whatever you can.

Together we can make a difference

Container to be sent from:
VIPBOX, 195 Gwendolen rd , LE5 5FN , Leicester

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