Providing Clean Water Globally

One Nation is dedicated to helping the 844 million individuals around the world who do not have access to clean water. Due to this, One Nation have identified the need for constructing Hand Pumps, Water Wells, Wudhu Areas and Solar Water Wells.

You can also help by supporting our monthly water tank project, providing community’s across the world with fresh clean water.

Please Note: This is a personal feedback project. Gift Of Water constructions can take up to 6 months to be built. Full Media feedback will be provided only upon completion.

Why You Should Donate

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink” [Ahmad] and he was the most generous in giving charity.

Access to safe water is a basic human right, and we are working hard to ensure that greater water equality is achieved across the world.

Importance of Providing Water

Through your support in donating to our Gift of Water project you can ensure you are providing a reliable access to clean safe water. Allowing families to use this clean water to cook, drink, wash, make wudhu, water crops, and look after animals.

Key Facts


Water Wells Constructed


Handpumps Constructed

Impact on the Beneficiaries

Across Asia and Africa, thousands of elderly women and children, travel day and night for their closest source of clean water.

On average, a person travels over 6 kilometers to the nearest source of water, putting a large strain to the neck and spine over time.

How can you make a difference

Through One Nation, you can support families in:







Rohingya Camps




This feedback report is provided once the project is complete.


Hand Pumps


Please Note: In Indonesia traditional handpumps will not be built.

Nevertheless, they are provided with water facilities linked with taps, wudhu area or a lavatory.


Water Tanks

صور الماء يناير وان نيشن (5)-min

Each Tank contains 6,000 Litres

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Each Tank contains 13,000 Litres


Each Tank contains 8,000 Litres

Please Note: This is NOT a Feedback Project

This project is Zakat Applicable

Water Bottles


All water bottle prices start from £10

Please Note: This is NOT a Feedback Project


How long will it take to build my well
We estimate that each well will take 6 months to complete. This is because we ensure that the site is thoroughly inspected and chemically tested for water purity, and planning permission is sought from local authorities, after which we begin the building process.

Why are the prices of wells different in each country

Each country has its own costs for materials and labour work to build the well. Furthermore, some areas are more difficult to access, dig and procure a water source, i.e., Tanzania.

How long the life expentency of a well

Usually around 10 years but that is dependent on the country and the usage of the well.

What is included in the completion report for my well

We produce a completion report for every well donated. The report includes the exact location of the well, a description of the building process, a personal statement from the beneficiary, and photographs of the well with its personalised plaque. You can specify the short plaque name when you make the donation (Note: plaque will appear exactly as stated, so please take care with spelling etc.)

What is included in the completion report for my well

Wells benefit numerous people over a prolonged period. Donors often donate wells as Sadaqa Jaariyah, for themselves and on behalf of others – including deceased loved ones.