Bangladesh Appeal

We teamed up with Sheikh Kaleem-Ullah Madrassah which is based in Banyachong, Bangladesh.

The Madrassah is based in rural village in Banyachong, in the Hobigonj District. Banyachong is the largest village in the whole of Bangladesh, and is populated by over 200,000 people.

It is situated in between the main rural highway making it easily accessible for many people across the region.

Established in 2010, Sheikh Kaleem Ullah Madrassah accommodates approximately 300 students, and are looking to enrol more students in the near future, In-Sha-Allah. Future plans are to accommodate 1000 students in a multi-complex building.

Education is essential and urgently needed all over Bangladesh. In-Sha-Allah, with your help, we will continue providing the education and skills that
these children deserve. £10,000 will cover the costs of keeping the institute running for the next year. This will include free school and madressah, food & accommodation for more than 150 students and any additional maintenance costs.

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