By the end of September 2017nearly half a million Rohingya had fled the country, with the UN condemning the Burmese government for its policy of ethnic cleansing. Satellite imagery showed the almost total destruction of 284 villages. With the total Rohingya population in Burma having been estimated to be approximately 1.2 million, this meant that over a third of the community had been evicted from the country in the space of little more than a month, while tens of thousands had also been displaced within the country’s borders.

One Nation has been supporting the people of Rohingya in Burma for many years now but since the mass exodus of Rohingya arriving in Bangladesh, One Nation has been providing shelters and food parcels to thousands of victims of the ethnic genocide.

Due to Bangladesh’s internal regulation, Masjids in the Rohingya Camps are constructed of bamboo and tin.

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