Last Winter Many Refugees Froze To Death

In places where survival is already a daily struggle, the arrival of winter only makes things harder. Snow, rain and sub-zero temperatures bring new dangers to millions living without proper shelter, clothing or food supplies. In Syria people have been displaced by bombings and strikes on their homes. People in Gaza continue languish in poverty, suffering the effects of attacks and restrictions on their country. In these countries and others like them people need help to get them through the cold winter months.

Your Warm Hearts Can Make a Cold Day Better

For the past 5 winters we have used your donations to distribute essential, potentially life saving aid to those in need around the world. This winter as the cold descends once more, we need your help again. By donating today you can make sure people receive blankets, heaters, food and bedding to help them through the winter months.

Donate now and help to save a life this winter.