Yemen Emergency

What is Happening in Yemen?

Mothers of Yemen

The people of Yemen have been struggling for over 11 years. With the ongoing conflict beginning in 2011 due to political issues, Yemen now stands as one of the most malnourished countries in the world. Today, almost 10 million people are living on the brink of starvation.

According to the latest UN statistics, Yemen is now the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. 2 million children are acutely malnourished and over 325,000 children under 5 are suffering from severe acute malnutrition and urgently need life-saving food to survive.

No place in Yemen is safe for children.

The Current Situation
Deadly clashes have left tens of thousand’s dead over the years and even more displaced. A famine described as the worst the world has seen in 100 years, looms over a country torn apart by war. Over 80% of the population are struggling to find enough food and water to survive each day. More than 600 medical facilities have closed meaning there is little or no treatment available for those who have injuries or are malnourished.

The situation is incredibly bleak and without essential aid, it will only get worse.

Provide Essential Aid

Hot Meal

Food Pack

Water Tank

Malnutrition PAcks

What Are We Doing To Help?

Through your donations, One Nation has been able to provide life-saving aid to millions of people in Yemen. With conflict being part of their daily life, the One Nation team is always reassessing what the people need. This allows us to provide emergency aid to those who need it immediately. One Nation are on the ground providing life-saving aid in the form of food, water, malnutrition packs, hygiene kits and medical aid.

Our efforts in this region can only continue with your ongoing support. Please look through the donation opportunities currently available in Yemen and do what you can to give the people of this land hope, not only of survival but also a future worth living for.

Yemen Bakery

Several years of conflict have turned the food into a weapon against the Yemeni people in the form of a crippling economic blockade, restrictions on imports, and relentless attacks on farms and fishermen. Food is out of reach for millions who can no longer afford it and over 20 million Yemenis are in need of urgent assistance.

On Average, our bakery produces around 3,500 pieces of bread per day, over 100,000 per month, and over 1 million pieces of bread per year benefitting thousands of families.

You can also donate towards these essential packs of bread today and through your generous support, we can continue to provide free bread to the people of Yemen.

5 Packs

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Each pack contains 10 pieces of bread.

Food for the family, baby items, or healthcare?
Those are the terrible choice many mothers in Yemen are facing each day.
Help the mothers and widows of Yemen by donating these essential packs:

Pack 1

900g Nedo baby milk

Pack 2

900g Nedo baby milk, 150 Litre Water, x1 Baby Bottle

Pack 3

900g Nedo baby milk, 150 Litre Water, x1 Baby Bottle, x1 Pack Nappies, x1 Baby Wipes, x1 Pack Sanitary Towels

Food PAck

Medical Aid

Importance of your Donation

“Whoever relieves a believer’s distress of the distressful aspects of this world, Allah will rescue him from a difficulty of the difficulties of the Hereafter. Whoever alleviates [the situation of] one in dire straits who cannot repay his debt, Allah will alleviate his lot in both this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah will conceal [his faults] in this life and the Hereafter.”