House Construction

In Malawi, approximately 75% of the population live in mud brick and grass thatched huts,

which cannot withstand natural hazards such as strong winds and floods. During the rainy

season, many families have to live with water entering their houses.

A well-built Shelter means survival in times of disaster and safeguards human dignity.

One Nation is aiming to build new houses, which will consist of two bedrooms, kitchen, a

lounge and a veranda (33 square meters). An external bathroom will also be built.

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Water Borehole

In Malawi up to 5.6 million people, do not have access to clean water, and expose themselves to water borne diseases. According to UNICEF, water borne diseases are amongst the major causes of death among children in Malawi. Women and girls spend hours collecting water which leads to girls not completing their education and women spending a lot of their time fetching water instead of working on their farms.

School Pack

Access to quality education is a challenge for many children in Malawi especially children from poor families. Many children go to school without access to basic educations materials. To encourage and motivate children from poor backgrounds One Nation aims to provide school uniforms, shoes, school stationary and other school necessities to children from poor backgrounds in Malawi

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Cataract Operation

One Nation aims to carry out a cataract surgery camp in Blantyre district, particularly for patients in the rural areas. Many patients have reversible blindness due to these cataracts. These surgeries will be conducted at a local hospital to ensure the operated patients get the best care possible.

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Farmers Pack

One Nation want to bring a lasting change which will enable famileis to stand on their own two feet. We would like to provide farmers with tools that would empower them to support their loved ones.

Each farmers pack contains the following items:

  • 10kg NPK Fertilizer
  • 10kg UREA Fertilizer
  • 2kg Maize Seed (hybrid – early maturity)
  • 2kg Bean Seed and;
  • 100mls Cyclone – OSHO Chemical

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Food Aid Support

Malawi is a small landlocked country in Southern Africa. With a population expanding rapidly at 3 percent per year and the majority of livelihoods dependent on agriculture, the population is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate-related disasters. Poverty is experienced by most rural families, with those headed by women suffering the most. One Nation aims to provide food parcels to poor and needy families.

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