06 Feb 2019
Treating each patient costs around £1,000, this includes assessments, fitting and rehabilitation. Make that difference today and help change lives.
  • 30,000 people are injured each month and are need of medical care.
  • There are an estimated to be 50,000 amputees in Syria.
  • One Nation’s Prosthetic Artificial Limbs Clinic in Syria (P.A.L.S) offers hope for a meaningful life for those who have lost limbs.
  • Restricted access to medical care causes a significant number of injuries to turn into lifelong disabilities, this could be prevented by providing basic medical care.
  • On average, the PALS centre treats around 30 patients a month.

This project is zakat eligible

Fatima Ali
Fatima is from Taftanaz
Fatima was injured alongside her brother whilst they were playing outside, the area they were playing in was hit by an airstrike causing Fatima and her brother to lose their limbs
We helped Fatima by fitting her with a prosthetic limb thus giving her the ability to walk, Fatima had extreme difficulties in going to school because of her disability but now since she has a limb, things have become much easier for her.

Tasneem Ahmad (3 Years Old) Tasneem is from a village named Batabo.
Tasneem was born with a deformed right upper limb which was surgically operated and amputated.
We helped Tasneem by providing her with a prosthetic arm which she has now gotten used to, this will assist her daily activities which require two limbs.

3.Ubayda Sariya (6 Years Old) Ubayda is from Dar’aa and has been displaced to Idlib.
He was injured in Dar’aa when he was 2 years old, a missile hit his house injuring Ubayda and his mother.
We helped him by fitting him with a prosthetic limb allowing him to walk, this has made it possible for him to play outside with his friends and pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor.