11 Mar 2019

Seven years of brutal conflict in Syria has left many thousands of people displacedhomeless and deeply traumatised. The scarcity of food and limited healthcare pose a threat even greater than that of the bombs and bullets. Children die of starvation whilst others are reduced to eating grass in order to survive. With such malnourishment and the limited healthcare available, the injured and sick cannot be effectively treated, leading to a cycle of death which seems to have no end.

Through our daily hot food distributionorphan sponsorshipshealthcare provisions and other vital projects, we work hard to bring hope back to the people of Syria. Our work, supported by your donations means we get to see the relief of a mother who is able to feed her child, or a smile from beautiful orphans who finally feel safe and loved.

Our efforts in this region can only continue with your ongoing support. Please look through the donation opportunities currently available in Syria and do what you can to give the people of this land hope, not only of survival but also a future worth living for.