SYRIA Emergency

10 Years of Suffering

Ten Years of brutal conflict in Syria has left many thousands of people displaced, homeless and traumatised. The scarcity of food and limited healthcare increase the already existing dangers posed by bombs and bullets. Children die of starvation whilst others are reduced to eating grass in order to survive.

Through our daily hot food distribution, orphan sponsorship, healthcare provisions and other vital projects, we work hard to bring hope back to the people of Syria. Our work, supported by your donations, means we get to see the relief of a mother who can feed her child, or a smile from beautiful orphans who finally feel safe and loved.

How You Can Help

Daily Hot Meals

Hygiene Kits

200 water bottles



Flour & Bread

Honour Our Sisters Pack

Food Pack

Emergency Aid Pack

ICU operations

Current Situation in Syria

13.4 Million People are in Need of Humanitarian Assistance

9.8 Million People are Food Insecure

7 Million People are Internally Displaced

4.8 Million Children are in Need

2.5 Million Children are Without Any Education

Sponsor a Child

Importance of Your Donation

As Allah says in the Qur’an

“And your Lord creates what He wills and chooses; not for them was the choice”. [28:68]

Elsewhere in the Qur’an Allah refers Shaam as

“the land, which we have blessed for the worlds”. [21:71]