The plight of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people is said to be the world's fastest growing refugee crisis. Tanzania hosts one of the largest refugee populations in Africa. These and other vulnerable group lack access to basic essentials. Unemployment is growing, leaving little hope of a brighter future. Through offering sustainable livelihood projects, One [...]
Lebanon has seen an influx of refugees from Syria seeking safety from the war. Conditions in refugee camps are difficult, with families suffering from malnutrition and a lack of water. Economic instability in the country has also led to anger towards refugees. With your donations we are able to distribute food, water and essential aid [...]
Tsunamis and earthquakes have devastated Indonesia, killing thousands and displacing thousands more. With homes damaged, people have been left homeless with nowhere to turn. We have built more than 100 shelters in Indonesia to provide these displaced families with a place to call home during this difficult time. We are also installing water pumps and [...]
Around 36% of the people in Azad Kashmir live below the poverty line. Surviving each day with enough food and water can be a struggle. Furthermore, a vast number of people in Azad Kashmir are illiterate due to lack of education. Your donations are supporting families with food distributions and orphan education programmes to aid [...]
Turkey currently holds more than 3.5 million registered refugees, many of whom have fled from war torn Syria. Unfortunately so many of these refugees are stuck in cramped refugee camps struggling for basic essentials. We currently provide food parcels, water supplies, clothing and more to refugees around the world. Please donate today and continue supporting [...]