Help build a mega hospital in Syria

There is a critical shortage of medical staff and supplies, making it nearly impossible for vulnerable communities to receive the care they desperately need. 

One Nation in collaboration with Islamic Oasis and Medical Aid Syria (MAS) has embarked on a mission to build a mega hospital along the Turkish border that will serve as a beacon of hope for the millions of Syrians affected by the ongoing conflict.

Join us in this important mission to provide high-quality medical aid and comprehensive medical services to those who need it the most. Every contribution counts and can make a significant impact in saving lives and rebuilding medical infrastructure.

How to get involved

There are several ways for you to support the project and contribute to its success. You can become a fundraiser for this campaign, raise for a whole department, raise for part of a department or donate shares towards the project.

We have split the entire project into 15,000 shares, where each department depending on its size, has a corresponding number of shares. 1 share is equivalent to £100. 

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Updated 20th September 2023


Help build medical infrastructure and save lives







Fundraise for this project as an individual or as a team

Project overview

This hospital will be the largest medical facility in the region and will serve more than 4 million Syrians. It will be built along the Turkish border, where it is relatively safe and ready for a major project.

Donor Wall Tiers

We have created a donor tier system to recognize our generous supporters who donate towards the construction of the new department. There are three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


Bronze donors will have their names displayed on our donor wall, with the size of their name depending on their donation amount.


Silver donors will have their names displayed on our donor wall with a larger font size, reflecting their greater contribution.


Gold donors will have their names displayed on our donor wall with the largest font size, representing their exceptional contribution.

We are currently in the fundraising and construction phase of the project and are asking for your support to make this project a reality.

Donors will have the option to fundraise for the construction of the full department, have a share in the construction of a department, make one-off donations, or provide monthly donations towards this project. Every little bit helps and can make a huge difference.

Medical Aid Syria (MAS) has been supporting the medical sector in Syria since 2016 and has already opened four major hospitals in the region. However, the ongoing conflict in Syria has left millions of people in urgent need of medical assistance.

Our new medical complex project aims to save lives, rebuild medical infrastructure, and alleviate the suffering of those affected by the conflict.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Whoever guides to a good deed gets the same reward as the doer of that deed.” [Muslim]






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