The scarcity of food poses imminent danger to the lives of people, especially those who find themselves in besieged areas. Children are dying of starvation, whilst others are reduced to eating grass. The sparsity of adequate nutrition leaves people susceptible to disease and less able to recover from injuries, leading to seemingly endless cycle of death.

The worst poverty is hunger, it makes people do unimaginable things. One Nation is committed to fighting food poverty and giving support to anyone that does not have access or has limited access to food.  Every day people around the world go hungry in order to feed their children.

Any donation you make to the food parcels will help provide nutritious meals to a family for a month. For just £25.00 a month, you can help save lives. Please donate generously.

Why Should You Donate?

Feeding others is one of the best Islamic traits and an intrinsic part of the Sunnah. Being a believer it is an action which we will be questioned about and will lead us into Jannah while protecting us from the Fire. It is a Sadaqah which we can give to our family, on behalf of our loved ones and even give it as a Sadaqah Jaariyah.

“Whoever saves one (life) – It is as if he had saved all of humanity” – [Quran 5:32]


Is this project zakat applicable

Yes, this project is eligible for Zakat. We can guarantee 100% of your donations will go towards the the food parcels.

Which countries do you provide food parcels in

We provide food parcels in all the countries we work in.