Widow Sponsorship

For many women around the world, the devastating loss of a partner is magnified by a long-term fight for their basic rights and dignity. Even though there are more than 258 million widows around the world, widows have historically been left unseen, unsupported, and unmeasured in societies.

With your support, One Nation can provide assistance to widows who have been through difficult times during the long-lasting Syria war. Currently, there is an estimated 600,000 Widows in Syria.

Offer your love and support to our widows in Syria today.

Importance of Supporting a Widow and Orphan in Islam

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported Allah’s Messenger (SAW) as saying,

He who strives to serve a widow and a poor person is like the one who strives in Allah’s way.”

He also reported that when a man complained to the Messenger of Allah of being hard-hearted, he said,

“Show affection to the orphans and feed the poor.”

Donate and Support a Widow and Orphan in Syria Now

What will your sponsorship provide




Hygiene Products

Medical Care

Islamic Education (Widows Only)


What Feedback is provided

One Nation will provide you with a profile within 1 month that will show you the widow you are supporting along with some background information.

An end of year report will be sent to you on an annual basis displaying the progression of the widow and their ambitions. A thank you video from the widow will also be included in the report.