Around 60% of our bodies are made up of water, an indispensable basis of life.

Despite the desperate reliance of the human body on water, 844 million people worldwide do not have access to a clean, drinkable supply of this vital resource.  This means many people either die of dehydration, or get sick from being forced to consume water which is unclean and disease ridden.

In a world where we consider a smartphone a necessity, water should not be a luxury. Through our “gift of water” project we are striving to ensure that the blessing of clean, drinkable water, is readily available for the poor and needy.

Through this project One Nation is currently supplying water in Syria, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Yemen, Gaza and Tanzania. You can help us give the “gift of water” to more impoverished people in these regions by donating a water well, hand pump or a water tank today.

Price list

Syria Yemen Burma Myanmar Bangladesh Tanzania India Pakistan Indonesia
Waterwell  £1,200  £2,500  £600
Solar Waterwell £3,500
Handpump  £300  £300  £150  £300  £200
Water Tank  £150
Wudu Area  £500

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