Around 60% of our bodies are made up of water, an indispensable basis of life.

Despite the desperate reliance of the human body on the water, 844 million people worldwide do not have access to a clean, drinkable supply of this vital resource.  This means many people either die of dehydration or get sick from being forced to consume water which is unclean and disease-ridden.

In a world where we consider a smartphone a necessity, water should not be a luxury. Through our “Gift of Water” project we are striving to ensure that the blessing of clean, drinkable water, is readily available for the poor and needy.

Through this project, One Nation is currently supplying water in various countries like Yemen, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Yemen, Gaza and many others.

You can help us give the “Gift of Water” to more impoverished people in these regions by donating a Water Well, Hand Pump or a Water Tank today.

Price list

Yemen Myanmar Bangladesh Tanzania India Pakistan Indonesia Rohingya Camps (Bangladesh) Malawi Zambia Central African Republic Gaza
Waterwell £1,200 £2,500 £600 £1200 £3000 £2000
Solar Waterwell £3,500
Handpump £150 £300 £150 £200 £200 £600
Water Tank £150 £55
Wudhu Area £500

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How long will it take to build my well?

We estimate that each well will take 6 months to complete. This is because we ensure that the site is thoroughly inspected and chemically tested for water purity, and planning permission is sought from local authorities, after which we begin the building process.

Why are the prices of wells different in each country?

Each country has its own costs for materials and labour work to build the well. Furthermore, some areas are more difficult to access, dig and procure a water source – for example, Tanzania.

How long is the life expectancy of a well?

Usually around 10 years but that is dependent on the country and the usage of the well.

What is included in the completion report for my well?

We produce a completion report for every well donated. The report includes the exact location of the well, a description of the building process, a personal statement from the beneficiary, and photographs of the well with its personalised plaque. You can specify the short plaque name when you make the donation (note: plaque will appear exactly as stated, so please take care with spelling etc.)

Can a well be donated as Sadaqa Jariya (ongoing charity)?

Wells benefit numerous people over a prolonged period. Donors often donate wells as Sadaqa Jariya, for themselves and on behalf of others – including deceased loved ones.