Orphan Sponsorship

Why sponsor an Orphan

Give love, support, and warmth to an orphan in need, to give them the opportunity to succeed.

There are over 150 million orphans around the world, with over half this number originating from Asia and the Middle East. They have suffered unimaginable trauma and are at risk of exploitation such as child labour, early marriage, and other damaging activities.

Through our Orphan Sponsorship programme, you can help to give a child the lifeline they desperately need. Our priority is to support orphans in their normal or extended family environment. We try to ensure that with your support the carer can feed, clothe, and educate the orphan in need.

Importance of supporting an Orphan in Islam

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said,

“The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together to illustrate. 

(Sahih Al Bukhari, 5659)

Supporting an Orphan is one of the most blessed acts one can perform to please Allah.

What will your sponsorship provide




Hygiene Products

Medical Care

This project is Zakat applicable.

Please Note: This is a personal feedback project. You will receive feedback three times a year. This includes the Orphan Profile and the End of Year Feedback Report.


How long does the sponsorship last

12 months if paid annually. If paying monthly, then it will continue until donor chooses to end the sponsorship

How does your donation help

Your donation supports the orphan by providing them with:

Basic Medical Care




Spending Money

What feedback is provided

1. One Nation will provide you with a profile within 2 months that will show you the child you are supporting along with some background information.

2. A personalised video of the child will be sent to you with a short message for you and your family.

3. An end of year report will be sent to you displaying the progression of the orphan and their ambitions.