SYRIA Emergency 10 Years of Suffering Ten Years of brutal conflict in Syria has left many thousands of people displaced, homeless and traumatised. The scarcity of food and limited healthcare increase the already existing dangers posed by bombs and bullets. Children die of starvation whilst others are reduced to eating grass in order to survive. […]

More than 750,000 people have been displaced by the recent bombardment of Idlib. People are sleeping rough in fields, forests, or residing in cramped, dirty refugee camps. During the past few weeks, our teams have been building emergency homes for displaced people in Syria. Our teams on the ground have located safe zones most suitable for [...]
Between the trustees at One Nation, there is a vast amount of experience of the Syrian terrain, having traveled to Syria over 20 times within the last 4 years. Between 2012 to 2019, our team on the ground inside Syria have delivered hot food for iftar and food parcels to displaced families, widows and orphans. One Nation [...]
One Nation delivers aid containers every month from our various drop off points across the UK. We collect your generous contributions and deliver to the most needy areas in Syria. Throughout the year One Nation has been promoting an Amazon wish list. A wish list which allows donors to purchase medical equipment, this is then [...]
The Syrian conflict, now in its 7th year has torn countless families apart. Entire communities have been uprooted, scattering 6.2 million people within Syria, over 5.6 million are refugees in surrounding countries. Children have been particularly affected, many of them orphaned, a large number separated from one or both parents, some without an adult to look after [...]