The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said,

“When a man dies, his good deeds come to end, apart from three:
Sadaqah Jaariyah, beneficial knowledge, and a righteous offspring who 
will pray for him.” (Sahih Muslim)


What is Sadaqah Jaariyah?

The literal definition of this term is simply continuous charity, an 
act of charity that people may continue to benefit from long after it happened. This is different to usual Sadaqah which is one act of charity which benefits those at a particular time.

We as Muslims often worry about our situation after death and how we  can utilise this life to do as much good as possible before death. What is especially unique about Sadaqah Jaariyah, is that Allah  through his Mercy has given us a way of continue accumulating good deeds even after our death!


How then do we go about this?

The answer can be found in another Hadith where the Messenger of Allah
(peace be upon him) said,

“The good deeds that will reach a believer after his death are  knowledge which he learned and spread, a righteous son whom he leaves  behind, a copy of the Quran that he leaves as a legacy, a masjid that he built, a house that he built for wayfarers, a canal that he dug, or a charity that he gave in his lifetime, when he was in good health. These deeds will reach him after his death.” (Ibn Majah)

We should strive to follow the advice of our Prophet. As well as benefiting us in our own Akhira, just imagine the amount of people in need who will benefit from such acts of charity for years to come!From those who have been displaced to those without even a permanent place to pray, as I am sure many of us can try and sympathise with under the current lockdown rules!


How can One Nation help?

We at One Nation are proud to present you with the opportunity to start helping those in need around the world, while building up your Sadaqah Jaariyah for your Akhirah!

Alhamdulillah with our 100% donation policy, you may rest assured knowing that your donation is in safe hands. You will also receive updates on the projects you start/contribute towards so you may see with your own eyes, the effect of your generosity!

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