16 Sep 2021
A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Daraa, Syria as around 55,000 civilians – 10,000 families are under siege with little to no access to food, medical care, medicine, or basic human needs. The city of Daraa has been under siege since June 24, 2021. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly. Many families are risking their [...]
12 Aug 2021
Over 270,000 people have been displaced over the last few months due to internal conflict and are in urgent need. Over 1000 deaths Total displaced – Over 3 million Our emergency response team are providing emergency support which includes - - Food and Hygiene Parcel - Oil, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Flour, Salt, Dhaal, Kidney beans, [...]
05 Jul 2021
We distribute a hygiene pack for £6.50 each on a monthly basis to displaced families. Each pack contains: Hairbrush Toothbrush Soap Shampoo Body Moisturiser Nail Cutter Sanitary Towels - 4 Pack Men's / Women's Razors x2 Miswaaks Roll On Deodarant DONATE A HYGIENE KIT
02 Jun 2021
Gaza has recently been hit by airstrikes that have killed over 200 people, including at least 66 children. The bombings have left thousands of families displaced with no shelter or food. We are working on projects to Rebuild Gaza by: Repairing homes Re-housing displaced families Providing psychological support for traumatized children Full feedback is provided [...]
04 May 2021
Dialysis ward And Dialysis Machine for Gardee Hospital - Dabhel, India Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with the opportunity to fundraise for a dialysis machine and a patient ward for dialysis patients in Gardee Hospital which is located in Dabhel, Gujarat, India. This is an amazing Sadaqah Jariya project as it will be in use [...]
07 Apr 2021
Six years of war have turned the food into a weapon against the Yemeni people in the form of a crippling economic blockade, restrictions on imports, and relentless attacks on farms and fishermen. Food is out of reach for millions who can no longer afford it and over 20 million Yemenis are in need of [...]
23 Mar 2021
Eman Village Update More than 3 million people have been internally displaced in Yemen and 1000s of families are sleeping in makeshift tents. We are building emergency homes which include - 2 Rooms 1 Bathroom 1 Kitchen All of which, providing shelter, dignity, and privacy. It costs just £1,500 to build but makes a difference [...]
22 Feb 2021
Nearly 2 million children under the age of five in Yemen are projected to suffer from acute malnutrition in 2021. Of these, 400,000 are expected to suffer from that and could die if they do not receive urgent treatment. These were among the highest levels recorded in Yemen since the escalation of conflict in 2015. [...]
26 Nov 2020
More than 30,000 people have fled into Eastern Sudan in the past week escaping from the conflict in Ethiopia. Over 4,000 refugees are coming into Sudan daily, families are sleeping in open fields and are needing urgent support. DONATE AN EMERGENCY FOOD PACK FOR £50 PROVIDE SHELTER FOR £120
16 Nov 2020
Since early 2018, One Nation has been supporting an orphan school in Idlib, Syria. The school has recruited most qualified teachers across the north-west of Syria, with expertise ranging from Maths, Science, fine arts, English and Arabic. The school provides hot food daily for all staff and students. They also have organised transportation for the [...]